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CIMQUSEF7: 7th International Conference on Quality in Education

ِCasablanca: 12 December 2009 

Ensuring the quality of the education and training system consists of putting in place a regulatory system capable of guaranteeing the judicious implementation of preventive and corrective actions in order to maintain a continuous improvement trend. Such a quality system is based on the process approach which exploits the notions of input, output, activities and resources to model the complexity of the entity to which it is applied. The Deming Wheel is another quality concept that relies on feedback loops to ensure continuous process improvement, serving as a springboard for achieving strategic goals.
In addition, the indicators make it possible to judge the functioning of the education and training system whose quality is to be measured. These elements, and many others, show that the systemic approach is present in every quality approach.
The CIMQUSEF7 aims to take a critical look at "the quality approaches applied to education and training using the prism of the systemic".
Mrs Andrée Piecq, the President of the European Union for Systemic, was the guest of honor of the CIMQUSEF7.
To understand all aspects of the thematic adressed in this edition of CIMQUSEF you can download documents from the prgramme below. 
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Ancien secrétaire général du Haut Conseil de l’évaluation de l’école, France  
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