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CIMQUSEF6: 6th International Conference on Quality in Education

ِRabat: 16-18 December 2008 

The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) is an initiative that places a high priority on the role of education in promoting the values ​​of solidarity, equity, partnership and cooperation between the inhabitants of the earth, thus privileging notions of social justice and the fight against poverty.
The main objective of UNESCO in overseeing this major project is to assist countries to implement education for sustainable development that meets quality requirements.
The overall goal of the Decade is to design educational systems that integrate the principles, values ​​and practices of sustainable development. The main challenge is to create a change in behavior among learners able to reverse the economic development in favor of a bright future that belongs to everyone.
Technological and vocational education, as the main component of any education and training system, is also called upon to implement this plan in the field that concerns it. UNEVOC, as an international body that oversees this type of education, has launched several projects that go in this direction.
In response to these international concerns, CIMQUSEF6 dealt with the theme: "Quality of Education and Technological and Vocational Training (TVET) and the challenges of sustainable development".
Mrs Latifa Elabida, the Moroccan Minister of school education, was the guest of honor of the CIMQUSEF6.
To understand all aspects of the thematic adressed in this edition of CIMQUSEF you can download documents from the prgramme below. 
President Emeritus of International Centre of Educational Systems, Russia
University of Tampere, Finland 
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President of AMAQUEN, Morocco 
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