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CIMQUSEF2: 2nd International Conference on Quality in Education

Casablanca: 20-22 April 2005 

The objective of the CIMQUSEF2 is to show the interest of the assessment not only as tool of observation and means of measure of the inventory of fixtures but especially as activity accompanying all the stages and all the constituents of the educational and training systems by offering at the same moment a complete and reliable dashboard helping to make the relevant decisions and the adequate feedback to improve the performances, develop the processes and prepare the future.
What are the quality criteria of an evaluation? How to reach the objectivity in the evaluative activity? What relation between measure and evaluation? How to estimate the contribution of the quality management in the improvement of the educational quality? How to estimate the quality of the learning in the context of the quality management? How to estimate the quality of conception of educational and training system? How to estimate the quality of deployment of the educational politics? How to estimate the quality of institutions as well as their report with the wider institutional context? How to estimate the soft skills such "to learn to learn"? How to estimate the quality of a didactic transposition? How to estimate the act of education in the context of application of a quality management? How to use the evaluation to improve the educational process?
The CIMQUSEF2 has suggested to answer these questioning by approaching the theme:"The Evaluation, tool of education and training quality building".
Professor Gérard Vergnaud, mathematician, philosopher, educator, and psychologist, was the guest of honor of the CIMQUSEF2.
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To understand all aspects of the thematic adressed in this edition of CIMQUSEF you can download documents from the prgramme below. 
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